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Vista Hardware Compatibility


Just want to ask does anyone here using GA-K8N-SLI motherboard???
I hope to install windows vista in to my system but unfortunately Gigabyte doesn't provide any vista driver for this motherboard. :(

So did anyone got any idea???
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    If you go to Microsoft's vista website, there is an app you can download and run that analyzes your system (both HW & SW). It'll give you a list of any installed components/apps which are not compatable.

    Personally - There's no pressing reason to upgrade if you're happy with XP. Vista has some neat~ish things. But it's also much more resource intensive. It's fine if your system has the muscle. But it'll punish older computers.

    just my $0.02
  2. I believe that board is nForce4-based, and you will be able to get motherboard drivers from Nvidia. This includes SATA and SATA RAID drivers for Vista.
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