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Image mounting in Vista 64

Any programs that can mount disc images (iso, bin, etc) in vista 64bit?

Been looking for a while but can't find any that work. Quite a few for XP 64bit, and a few for vista 32bit, but none for both vista and 64bit.
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    daemon tools
  2. Nevermind, I found Alcohol 52% works.

    Daemon tools has spyware by the way.
  3. I've read that it's the search bar that has the spyware in it and if you don't install that, you don't get the spyware. Every spyware check i've ever done has never produced anything related to Daemon Tools, most likely due to the fact I never install the search bar.
  4. I believe Septic is correct. It should also be mentioned that DT has a 64-bit version available.
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