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I made a backup image of a HP computer that has XP installed and i wanted to know if could image an older computer that has windows ME installed and replace it with the XP image from the HP computer ? The computer that has windows ME is a compaq presario 5000T..

Does the XP image i made only work for that specific computer from where i made the image from or can i image other computers also ?

Also when i was making the xp image i have 3 choices to check which were drive c, drive d and something called mbr..Should i choose them all ?
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  1. The Compaq Presario will have it's own set of chipset/system drivers. The image from the HP will have the HP system drivers. The answer to your question is no, unless you are familiar with the windows repair function and that may not be an option either. The place to ask the question is with Acronis tech support.
  2. So let me get this right , you can only image the same computer where you made the image from and it has to be from the same manufacturer ? How about this ,can you make an xp image from a newer hp computer to another hp computer that is 3 years older which has xp built in ?
  3. Not unless the chipset/system drivers are from the exact MB. You could from two identical systems, but not two entirely different systems. It might be possible using winds repair, but it would not be worth the trouble.
  4. Thanks for answering my question...I guess imaging from a pc with a different model or manufacturer to another will corrupt the hard drive of the computer being imaged too....
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