Multi Boot!?!?!?

Hi, i just have a complex question about multi boot with Linux Boot Loader (GRUB). I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits on one HDD (750G Western digital Sata2) (THIS IS DISK 1) and Windows XP Home Edition on a other HDD (500G Western digital Sata2) (THIS IS DISK 2). I don't have any multi boot between this 2 OS. Now a have to reinstall Windows XP because he is corrupt and i don't wanna reinstall Wndows Vista because I have so much thing install that it will take a week to reinstall everything. If I reinstall windows XP and after I install Linux Ubuntu 7.10 on DISK 2, I know that I will get a multiboot with Ubuntu and Windows XP but what about Vista??. How can I have a multi boot with all three OS??? I tis possible without reinstalling all three OS??

Thanks and have a nice day!!!
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  1. You can multiboot with 3 or 4 or more OSes.

    And with Vista, although I heard Vista is using dirty tricks.

    GRUB can handle virtually any OS.

    If you reinstall, install windows first and Linux last because windows will overwrite your boot sector every time and wipe out GRUB.
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