Internet speeds going uber slow, can i have some advice?

right well to put it simply, im paying for 8mb broadband and getting 56kb/s if im lucky on downloads.

Before u go and say disable firewall, reset, reboot, reinstall. I have done so. lol. I have checked ip/tcp config and i have also connected direct to router via ethernet (im wireless atm). Turning my firewall doesnt make a difference either, just makes me more edgy :P

AND, lots of people shrug me off with... your too far from the exchange, or your line is busted. well if my line is busted then fine, but please help with whatever nuggets of info you may have :D

we also worried about traffic such as fax machines, and unplugged those, changed filters, checked wiring etc. Im at a loss.
Any ideas?

thanks for reading, Luke
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  1. buy a faster connection? :D
  2. I think the logical next step is to have your phone company (sounds like you have DSL?) come out and run a line test.
  3. Some lines have a default speed of 56k if no speed is specified. You could ask your ISP to check their settings.
  4. have you made sure your PC is virus free? Use Spyblaster and Adaware. Peace :twisted:
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