Virtual Hid Device Not Working Properly

Problem: My Logitech 3D Pro Extreme joystick stopped working months ago. I have tried contacting Logitech, but their answer was to contact my computer manufacturer. They weren't much help. The joystick still works. I have tested it out on another Windows 7 machine. The problem seems to be that the joystick is not being recognized as the Virtual Hid Device.

When I open Devices and Printers (Start Menu) and right click on my joystick and go to Game Controller Settings, I see two things there: (a) Virtual Hid Device and (b) Logitech Exteme 3D Pro USB. When I select the Properties on the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, I can test the buttons out on the joystick. It seems to work fine. When I do the same for the Virtual Hid Device, there is no response. Games do not recognize the joystick either.

Now the odd thing is that the Joystick formerly worked last winter. Since then I have installed different USB components (Belkin n52te, Razer Naga, and a Steelseries Shift keyboard - although , the joystick stopped working prior to the mouse and keyboard being installed).

I have reinstalled the Logitech software and also tested it without the Logitech software installed (just the Windows drivers). I have updated my bios. Nothing seems to change.

On the test computer that I used to make sure it worked, there was no Virtual Hid Device and the joystick worked fine in the game i tested it on (BF1942).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. well you probably have some hardware conflict, try uninstalling the anonymous HID you see in devices and just leave the Logitech. If not I'd recommend uninstalling both devices from device manager and reinstalling them fresh using the software CD that came with it.
  2. I don't have an anonymous HID in devices. The when I right click on the Logitech device, and select Game Controllers, the Logitech and HID are in there. In my device manager I tried to disable and uninstall the Logitech HID device. Neither of these options worked. :(
  3. Is there a way to disable Virtual Hid Devices?
  4. How can I tell which device my joystick is having a conflict with?
  5. It was my Belkin n52te that was causing the conflict. I bought and installed the Razer Nostromo (same thing basically). And those drivers did not interfere with my joystick. Problem solved. Shame on Belkin.
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