Pricegrabber no longer reliable?

I just looked on Pricegrabber for an Antec P183 case. I saw something that I have seen a lot there lately. The search screen shows "As low as $100.22. Compare Now ."

When I open that page, the price-range graphic says "$125.53 - $189.93", and the lowest price is $136.11.

Is this technical clumsiness or a version of the classic bait-and-switch, luring the click with a price 26 percent lower than the actual available price?

Or am I just grumpy today, after seeing the same case at J and R for $117, only to find that it is out of stock?
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  1. That happen to me as well on google shopping. The lowest price you find in a shop is always higher than the google result.

    The only more reliable price comparing site I found is staticice.
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