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So I was told you can get windows 7 for about $30us with your school email address. I looked on the Microsoft site and all i found was windows professional upgrade for $30. Is that a full version of windows or just an upgrade from home premium. Or is there somewhere else I can get Windows 7 Home premium for $30. Also I saw some versions said they were made for 3 computers, does that mean the regular disc can only be used once on a single computer? because I'd like to put windows 7 on my current computer and soon on m future computer too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    The $30 student price is only for the upgrade version. You can use that to upgrade from XP or Vista. Windows 7 Professional has all the features of Home Premium plus a few more. The family pack contains 3 licenses and can be installed on 3 computers at the same time. Upgrade versions can be moved to a new computer if you get one. OEM versions cannot.
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