need help setting up ICS, vista host, XP home client.

I'd like to setup vista as my ICS server with 2 xp home as the clients. The host machine has 2 built in NIC's. The router is a Zyxell X-550 because one of the clients is a wireless laptop.

Should the line from NIC 2 into the router be going into WAN or LAN, when I try WAN I get nothing. When I try LAN the computers see each other in the Workgroup but the clients can not open web pages in IE.

The router has plenty of options so if needed I can assign NIC 2 an IP have the router connect to it if that helps. AFAIK I shouldnt need to set anything on the XP clients because the router assigns IP's w/ DHCP so the client has a normal IP but just isnt getting internet access through the vista host.

Here's the settings I used on the vista host with LAN connection, workgroup works, but no IE

"Network" goes direct to the cable modem, I have it set as a private network. Its NIC has file/print share disabled, discovery responder disabled. All the TCP/IP settings set to Auto.

"Network 2" goes to the router, also set as private. Its NIC has everthing enabled, everything on Auto. Under sharing I've clicked "allow other network users to connect through...." I have allow other users to control or disable... turned off and under settings there is not check marks next to anything.

Network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing on.
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    If you have a router, that makes ICS completely unneccesary... and seeing as how it's a pain in the *** to set up even on XP... you're better off not using it.

    Plug your WAN into the router, connect both computers to the LAN (or WLAN) and configure your router to access the internet. It should be that simple.
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