My hp pavillion 6535 did not come with ethernet. how can i add ethernet?

i have an hp pavillion 6535 win98 that did not come with ethernet. my computer has only 2 phone jacks. can i add an ethernet jack to computer? my win 98 usb driver is not recognizing my arris cable modem. ethernet is the only other option, without buying a more updated computer? Thanks
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  1. Just get a PCI Network card that supports Windows 98.
  2. You could get a PCI Network Card that you basically slide into the inside of your computer, or you could get an ethernet to usb converter. Both are cheap, and simple. The ethernet to usb converter would be the simplest, and possibly least expensive way to do this.
  3. I'd be careful on the USB to Ethernet. On a win98 machine, drivers may be a bummer.
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