This is driving me crazy--experts please help!!

Ok, about every 30 minutes to an hour, some unknown piece of hardware keeps dismounting and mounting. how do I know? it's that sound you get when you plug in a usb key or a usb ext hard drive and the windows "duhding" sound is played. Except I'm not plugging/unplugging anything and this repeats itself every 30 minutes to an hour. I tried to check the event viewer to see if its some kind of error or warning, but no luck. Is there anyway i can track down which mischevious hardware is doing this? Please help.

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  1. hmm, sounds like Vista's Power settings kicking in. Do you have a USB Harddrive attached? In Vista's advanced power settings, there is an option to shut down hard disks after 20 minutes of inactivity aswell as other options.

    Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Power Options, 'Change Plan Settings' for the current power plan, 'Change advanced power settings' and there's some options you can adjust to your liking.
  2. nope i don't have a usb hard drive attached. only thing attached is my mouse. power options already set to "never" turn off hard disk. I tried to be a bit cunning and have the device manager open so when the next 30 minutes/1 hour comes when it makes that sound I can tell which hardware is dismoutning and mounting (instantly) but this hardware is smarter... it did that sound thing again and while it did it, the device manager "refreshed/rescanned" on its own... so I have confirmed its some hardware that's acting like its being unplugged and plugged again. gosh this is really getting on my nerves.... haha I think if I don't fix this I'll have to use my computer without sound :(
  3. Has to be something like a USB or hot swap device.

    Additional hard drives
    USB devices
    Wireless card?

    When did the start and what changed?
  4. fixed it. apparently when I plug my usb mouse into usb port 1 it makes that sound, when i plug it into usb port 2 it makes no sound. Weird.
  5. Are they front ports, or are they on the MB? My front ports are kind of flakey.
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