cant select movie position on windows media center

That's about it. Im just installed windows media center today, and i cant select a music or movie position like i do on windows media player or winamp. How can i do it?
Or is windows media center actually missing this feature ?
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  1. Ah i know this is the most uninsteresting thread, but if anyone who knows windows media center and knows the awnser for this, please give me a hint, i would really apreciate it.
    I just want to select the movie or music position i desire like i do with windows media player but by clicking on the thingy with the mouse (for example, push the video forward to that kewl fight at 30:35)

    So those who know how to do it on media center please help, because i cant move musics or movies position, when i click on them im forced to watch\listen to them from the begining till the part that really interest me.
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