mainboard and ram for a Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 (Q6600) ?


i want to build a new pc system with an intel core 2 quad and a geforce 8800GTS (640mb ram), but i dont know which mainboard and ram to choose !
which mainboard garuantees a good performances for medium cost ?
the second question is, what ram shall i choose ? dual channel/DDR2 800 mhz ?

the mainboard shouldnt cost more than 220$ (170€). which mainboard could you approve ?

greets g1o2k4
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  1. I'd say nvidia 650i or intel p965-based mobos. 650i supports sli, whereas p965 doesn't, but may crossfire. 650i has 2 X IDE's, 4 X SATAs, eSATA, IEEE & 8 USB's. It overclocks almost as well as the more expensive 680i. p965 overclocks the cpu & ram at a ratio, & has fewer features than 650i in the same price range. p965 with IEEE, etc. will cost more.

    Are you overclocking? What are the requirements? #'s of IDE, SATA, eSATA, IEEE, etc.
  2. do all mainboards with the p965 chipset support the core 2 quad ?
  3. No. It's to do with the bios & revision of the board. Take GA-965P-DS3 for example. It has to have an update bios to recognize quad. The latest revision 3.3 supports 1333 FSB.
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