Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron"

I've posted bits all over other threads, I thought it was time to consolidate some of the information. If you go here you can see a bunch of new and upgraded features in Hardy. I've been playing with Hardy in vm starting at Alpha 6 and now Beta.

I just want to pass on a bit of information onto anyone else planning to go to Hardy.

First up, I recommend NOT using the "upgrade-manager -d" method as I tried this and bricked my X23 laptop due to a little bug with the libc causing a crash in the middle (Funnily, I had this issue upgrading to Gusty). Moral of the story, fresh install = win!

Second off, if you installing it into a machine with more then one drive, I'd recommend disconnecting the other drives till the installation is complete. I kept getting a "Error 22" in grub, basically it as trying to point to the wrong drive to boot Hardy from. Partition 2,2 instead of 0,2.

Third, I've just snagged a little issue with losing my gnome menu's, I'm thinking this is a bit of an ID10T error, I did a "complete removal" of evolution, and I think it might have taken something from the gnome-desktop package :D Currently about to test this in my vm to see if this was the cause of it.

Anyone else out there playing with Hardy Beta? Post up your fun and games if you are :sol:
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  1. Yep, definitely my fault... Complete Removal on the evolution-data-server-common pack removes a lot of extras....

    The result

    Now to fire up a "failsafe terminal" session and apt-get them all back!
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