In windows 98 how do i r/m all history

in windows 98 how do i r/m all history. have had the pc since 1998 & would like it clean before

i pass it on. Thank you,
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  1. The only sure way is to boot up with the original Win98 CD, format the hard drive, and reinstall.
  2. PhilFrisbie, Ibelieve I still have the CD. Not real compter literate. Thank You, divc
  3. If you don't need to install Win98, you can delete everything by creating a Windows 98 boot disk: found here:

    Then, boot to the floppy disk and use FDISK to reformat the hard drive. Instructions here:

    Keep in mind, that if you have any financial information AND you are concerned that the receiver will attempt to recover it, they may be able to do this. You could use this tool instead: which will prevent the data from being recovered.
  4. CompTIA_rep Thank You for the information, I appreciate your help. divc.
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