Computer Type (ACPI? MPS?)

I just built a new computer with an EVGA NF68-A1 mainboard + an Intel Q6600.

I'm a bit confused about the "computer types" selection in nLite (or regular Windows XP for that matter).

Given the previous components, what should my computer type be?

Here are my choices:

ACPI MultiProc Use for a multiple-processor ACPI computer

ACPI UniProc Use for a ACPI multiple-processor board but with a
single processor installed

Advanced Use for a single processor motherboard with single
Configuration processor ACPI computer
Power Interface PC

Compaq Systempro Use for a Compaq Systempro computer

MPS Uniprocessor PC Use on non-ACPI computers dual processor motherboard
with a single processor installed

MPS Multiproc PC Non-ACPI computers with a dual processor running

Standard PC Any Standard PC, non-ACPI, or non-MPS. Could be a 386,
486, Pentium, Pentium II, or Pentium III

Standard PC
with C-Step i486

Currently, I have an nLited copy of XP on the computer (with "standard pc" selected) and it works fine, but I don't see any processors in the device manager. CPU-Z only sees one core / thread.

Help please :(

Edit: I should also mention I am using the newest nVidia BIOS (new card) and newest nForce (motherboard) drivers.
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  1. In order to see multiple processors, you MUST install the multi-processor kernel. Since all new motherboards are ACPI compliant, choose ACPI Multiproc. Standard PC doesn't account for multiple processors or power management.
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