Mobo for an AMD X2 5400+ AM2

Well I am planning on picking up a new motherboard. I already have the cpu I want an AMD X2 5400+ AM2.

Now I don't plan on overclocking anything. All I need is just a solid board, that will preferably support 1 gig sticks of ram, and has 6 sata II hookups.

I was planning on picking up this...

However heard that Asus has been having some problems with certain boards. I would also like to avoid a Gigabyte board as I have had problems out of all 3 that I have used. I am good enough that if a board requires just a little tweaking to hum along fine I can handle it. I just want it to run solid once it is tweaked in.
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  1. I'm using two ASUS M2NPV-VM that have been rock solid with no problems. While it's not a mobo you'd be interested in, not all AM2 boards have problems. I've always liked MSI boards as well. When there are reported problems with a mobo from a good mfg like ASUS it's usually with one board wiht a particular problem so if there are a couple ASUS you're interested in, research those particular boards. Checked the newegg user reviews on the board you posted and it looks pretty good. This board is getting pretty good reviews and given there is over 500 likely there is some validity. Obviously, users reviews always have to be taken with a shaker of salt.
  2. I bought the Abit AN-9 Fatal1ty board about 6 months ago, it's been problematic. I recently had it replaced under warranty for failing to post. I'm still getting it dialed in but the new board has its own strange issues. The board is packed with a lot of cool features but it's reliability has been a big disappointment. I've had good luck with Abit in the past but you might want to steer clear of this particular board.

    I have an Epox board on my socket 939 system and it has been great, they make excellent motherboards in general, you might check out this one:
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