Vista-64: Upgrading from Vista-32 Business or XP-32 full to Vista-64 B

I'm about to upgrade my hardware, and I'd really like to see all 4GB of RAM that I own, and possibly upgrade to 8GB in the future. So, after scouring the web and reading the article below from MS's site, I would like to be sure that I'm correct on how to 'upgrade' :fou: from Vista-32 to Vista-64.

I own:

XP-32 Professional Full
Vista-32 Business upgrade DVD
and Vista-64 Business upgrade DVD

My system is currently running Vista-32, but according to the article below, I absolutely cannot install Vista-64 on a system running Vista-32. :fou: :fou:

So, I Think I will I have to install XP-32 Full first and then custom upgrade to Vista-64, basically performing a complete install of XP-32 and then Vista-64. :fou: :fou: :fou:
Is this correct?
Will this work with the Upgrade edition of Vista-64? (ie: Installing XP-32 then upgrading to Vista-64)

It seems that I'm on the right track, but I want some advice from someone who actually has installed Vista-64.
... I also want to be sure I can use the Vista-64 Upgrade edition. 'Method 2' below seems like what I need to follow...

Sorry if it's been asked before, I did a search, went through 5 pages and didn't see an obvious article about this.
Thanks in advance.

Here's Microsquishy's article:

Installing a 64-bit version of Windows Vista on a computer that is running a 32-bit version of Windows XP or of Windows 2000
Most Windows XP and Windows 2000 users have the 32-bit version of these operating systems. For example, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows Tablet Edition and Windows Media Center Edition only come in 32-bit versions. For these operating systems, there is no upgrade installation path available when you upgrade from a 32-bit operating system to a 64-bit operating system. However, you can perform a custom installation that uses an upgrade license.

Note You must start Windows Vista Setup by starting the computer from the Windows Vista 64-bit DVD. The installation package will not run on a 32-bit operating system.
4. When you are prompted during Windows Vista Setup, remember to select Custom as the installation type.
5. After installation is complete, you can restore the data from its backup location.

Installing a 64-bit version of Windows Vista on computer that is running a 32-bit version of Windows Vista
If you have purchased an Upgrade license together with a Windows Vista DVD, you must use one of the following methods.
Method 1
Purchase a full version of the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.
Method 2
1. Remove the 32-bit version of Windows Vista.
2. Install Windows XP.
3. Install the 64-bit version of Windows Vista by using an installation method that is listed earlier in this article.
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  1. Correct, with Vista x86 already installed and a Vista x64 upgrade DVD/license, you'll want to follow Method 2.
  2. Thank you.
  3. You do NOT have to install Windows XP. You can perform a clean install using the 64-bit CD only with no installation of XP required. There is a post somewhere around here detailing how to do this.
  4. If you mean the upgrade "trick," then yes, you can, although technically it is not intended to be legal.

    You can find information here:
  5. From the article you linked:

    It's reasonable for us to ask ourselves whether buying an upgrade version of Vista, and then installing it to an empty hard disk that contains no previous version of Windows, is ethical.

    I believe it is. Microsoft itself created the upgrade process. The company designed Vista to support upgrading it over a previously installed copy of XP, W2K Pro, or Vista itself. This isn't a black-hat hacker exploit. It's something that's been deliberately programmed into the approved setup routine.

    There's no evidence that MS intended this to be legal or illegal. MS hasn't made a statement either way. I suppose we'll find out once SP1 DVDs start to find their way on the shelves.
  6. I'll agree with you on that, wouldn't have posted it otherwise, just wanted to observe some caution on a message board.
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