Is there a way to recover accidentally deleted files in ME?


I accidentally deleted important files from my drive. I already deleted
them from the trash bin as well, anything I can do to restore them?
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  1. getdataback has a demo mode and I like the software a lot. There are other free softwares available like recuva
  2. see if you can get your hands on an old copy of norton utilities. that used to be a good software for date recovery if i remember.
  3. If the other suggestions don't work out you can also utilize a service that specializes in recovering lost data

    Below is a listing of a few major data recovery companies.

    1.Action Front Data Recovery
    2.CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
    3.Doctor Byte
    4.DriveSavers Data Recovery
    5.Lazarus Data Recovery
    7.Virtual Data Recovery
    8.Stellar Data Recovery
    9.DataCent Professional Data Recovery
  4. RecoverME
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