Has anyone got Hardy Heron Working On A Gateway T-1616 Laptop???

Hay Iv got a Gateway T-1616 Laptop. And Im curently dual booting ubuntu 8.04LTS 32bit & Vista can anyone tell me how to get my wifi & sound going I just cant find were to get the drivers from.

Thanks In advance :)
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  1. so how do I install the drivers for wifi .etc. Sorry not very good when it comes to linux. :)
  2. Check out the wireless/networking section on the Ubuntu Forums


    Quite a bit of information on how to get it working.

    I've got Ubuntu 8.04 running on my IBM ThinkPad X23 with no hassles at all.
  3. I've still not got round to installing 8.04 but I thought NDISWrapper was now part of the defualts and all you needed to do was insatall the windows driver and away you went. Not ideal but I believe the Ubuntu developers are trying to provide as clean a way round the problem as they can.

    @Geeky - Dell do actually supply laptops with Ubuntu pre installed and will also ship server HW running RedHat so I don't think they are the worst by any stretch.
  4. I accept it's not universal but it's more than just the 3 notebook models. As I said they are also providing in the server area. Yes, I would like to see universal support but compared to many they have at least started to make some effort. Try the budget makers that fill our electronics stores with low cost systems and see what luck you have there and compare it to Dell and all of a sudden they seem like nice people.

    ** Still can't quite believe that he's defending Dell **
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