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These would be the new computer's specs:

Intel® Core™2 Duo E6850




I use my computer mainly for gaming, and I have been leaning towards XP, however, considering my computer's specifications, it should be able to handle Vista without a hitch...right?

Should I go for XP or Vista?


Next thing...

I want 4 gigs of RAM. Apparently 32bit OS's, can not use all 4 gigs.

Should I upgrade to 64bit XP/Vista?

I hear the driver support for the 64bit version of Vista is awful.

Is it worth getting 4 gigs of RAM? I'm not sure if games even use 4 gigs of RAM, I was thinking games like Crysis and Bioshock would benefit from it, thoughts please :)
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  1. I'd go with Vista x64, but that's just me.

    Some people have a problem installing x64 with that much memory (ironically), I posted the fix for it here (you'll have to pull a stick to install, if this happens):

    Games also have a 2GB limit that can be reached, I posted the fixes for that here:
  2. Could the fixes damage my computer in any way?
  3. For these two fixes, no, I'm not aware of any problems with them.
  4. thanks a lot, can't wait till this bad boy arrives :D
  5. Good luck. :)

    You should have no problems, except maybe with drivers for printer/scanner/TV tuner, you should check those for Vista x64 (or XP64) drivers first. The two hotfixes I posted above are only if you experience specific problems.
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