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I am upgrading from Win98SE to WinME. When I get to the hardware settings and plug and play detection , the system hangs. I get error: 0E:0028:C002006 and 0E: 0028: C0027562, on a blue screen, for example. I have to reboot by unpluginh the machine. I have crappy HP Pavillion 6535. I installed an ethernet card and a 2.0 usb card, 2 weeks before the upgrade. The new hardware installs never worked on Win98SE. Could this be why I'm getting the error codes, when installing WinME, due to incompatability?
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  1. Yes.
    Unplug anything that isn't needed to upgrade the machine to ME such as the USB card and try again.

    Once ME is installed, re install the extra cards and see if that helps.
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