Vista or Xp for Editing?

I am about to purchase a new Computer. I will be using Avid Express and Adobe Premire for editing . I was told to stay away from Vista until all the bugs are worked out, and stay with Windows XP. What would you recomend? Can anyone that may any these programs please let know how feel! Thanks
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    I think you'd be fine with either OS, although you might have an easier time with XP. I do recall that many multimedia applications like having .NET under Windows, and Vista has an advantage in that department because it is built-in (and thus one less thing to worry about). Most of the top tools should work fine on Vista, but I would look for Vista drivers for your related devices before making a decision. I should also mention that Vista has some movie/DVD-editing software built-in that is quite nice, plus Vista x64 is quite nice with a powerful system with a lot of RAM if you're planning on serious editing.

    The programs I've tested under Vista x86/x64 are Adobe Premiere, Ulead VideoStudio, and Pinnacle Studio 11, just for your reference.
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