Please Help ASAP for Buying New PC

My Choices are
I have ATI Radeo 6870 DDR5 Graphics Card, CoolerMaster 690 Cabinet & CM TruePower 600W SMPS,
Creative PCI not pCIe XFi Platinum Sound Card.
Request Feedback on
1) Intel CPU: Core i5 2400 or 2500
2) MoBo: Please Suggest one with PCIe (2 x 16x)
3) Corsair Or GSkill DDR 3 1600
4) 3d Monitor: Acer GN245HQ Or AoC e2352Phz Or HP 2311GT
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  1. Hello

    Okay I'll make this quick!

    1. Intel I5 2500 or I5 2500 ( 2500k is for overclocking! )

    2. ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 or ASUS Maximus IV Extreme ( You choose one! But both are absolute legends in gaming and performance! )

    3. Well both are great but I choose GSkill for gaming because it is cheaper! Get a 4gb at least for gaming!

    4. Samsung S23A950D 23" Full HD 1920x1080 3D 120Hz

    Now this should be a great PC build along with your 6870 you should be on your PC day and night, playing games maxed out!

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