Please help! created new boot sector that doesnt work!

Hey All,

I really know how to screw up a computer sometimes and I need some help before I make my mess any worse....

I have been getting a "NTLDR is missing error" for a couple of months now, everytime I reboot my XP Pro system. SO I finally decided to fix it by booting up on my cd and running repair. I got to the command line and typed "fixboot" BUT I forgot to identify the drive!! So now I have an 160gb hard drive that has a brand new boot sector that sees 10 meg on the hard drive.

I ran ERD commander hoping to remove the new boot sector or fix the old one but it did not give me that option. I am sure there is an easy fix that I am missing, after getting a good laugh please tell me how to fix this bone headed mistake!

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  1. Do another repair... only this time don't use the repair console; skip past the first repair prompt and hit Enter and F8 as if you were installing Windows normally. You should see at the bottom "Searching for previous versions of Windows". Once that is done, you should have the option of repairing by pressing R.
  2. Hi,
    sorry for delay, out of town last week,
    I tried another repair, it gave me the option to install xp or delete partition. I hit "return" to install xp again and it said FAT partition not big enough to load xp. I do not have spare drive to try and simulate this, was wondering if deleting partion and then trying to fix would be ok?? Just dont want to lose my .pst if I can help it.
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