Looking for a free antivirus for Windows Server 2003

Hi all,

Anyone could recommand me a good free antivirus (real-time not just scan on-line) for Windows Server 2003?
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  1. Spyware here:

    Search this site for anti virus software
  2. Ain't that for anti-spyware? :)

    I am looking for an anti-virus!
  3. Search the site for AV.
  4. ClamWin is the only one I know of that is free for Server... But it's kind of slow!
  5. you can try avg 8.5 from grisoft.. you can download from its web:
  6. Both the free versiosn of AVG and Avira cannot be run on Windows Servers.

    Windows Defender is free for Windows Server 2003
  8. pctools antivirus is free and works on servers - don't know how good it is though
  9. SuperAntiSpyware is a good tool that works with Windows 2003-2012 servers, I am running it right now.

    It has a free edition and it has a Pro edition that costs $19, pretty cheap.

    It has a realtime monitoring tool with updates and scheduling scanning capability.

    I am testing it on my Windows 2012 machine and it seems to be running pretty well.

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