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Hi all!

I need some advice please...

I recently purchased a Compaq Presario CQ61 Notebook pre-installed with Windows 7. I am completely lost on how to get this to recognise my broadband connection; My 'old' notebook was installed with Vista & I was able to connect to the internet with limited problems.

Unfortunately, my ISP doesn't at the moment support Windows 7 so that door is closed. Can anyone advise me on how I can resolve this please? I usually connect to the internet via my cable modem.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. :wahoo:
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  1. wired or wireless connection ?
  2. ....sorry forgot to state it's for a wired connection. :lol:
  3. I assume your connecting with ethernet cable?
  4. use a router, it should work
  5. Hi all...

    Just to advise, I have resolved my broadband connection problem & I am online without any problems.

  6. How did u make irt work??
    i dunno what else to do!!
  7. mandarina said:
    How did u make irt work??
    i dunno what else to do!!

    Hi, The other thing was that there was a fault on the computer I just purchased. I took it to the store where they hooked it up straight away using their cable modem & it came online then went back off. This happened repeatedly & when it did I was advised it was probably because important updates haven't yet been added to the machine which I thought was odd as a cause.

    I stressed that there is a fault with the machine & I would rather an exchange or be allowed to purchase a different machine or get my money back! The last thing they tried at the Computer store was to get it back online & download the 'key updates' thinking that would solve my problem once & for all...but..the computer wouldn't download any files at all!

    I'm glad that happened because straight away they replaced my machine with a new one & I have had no problems getting online. I also made sure that I made my connection direct to my cable modem via an ethernet cable & Windows 7 picked up the connection automatically & I was online with no problems at all.

    The other thing I have found out is that if I buy a router, it must be one for a cable modem - Cisco linksys have them & I have seen it in problems at all & you get a wireless connection. I previously bought 2 routers which gave me problems as after about 20 mins, it dropped the connection.
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