A8N32-SLI Deluxe Issues

I just got a A8N32-SLI Deluxe to replace my old A8N-SLI motherboard which fried.

But now I'm have a couple problems with the new motherboard, first I'm getting graphics glitches such as dots on the screen starting as soon as I boot and many more glitches when running things like WoW. Second I get a constant buzzing sound if I turn the volume up very loud, I'm guessing it's a drive issue since it goes away if I mute all sound.

Processor: AMD Athlon +4200 X2
Motherboard: ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
GFX Card: BFG 7900GT
OS: Windows XP
2.5gigs ram

I took some screen shots of the graphics issue.

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  1. Had the same problem.Removed the card(evga7900gtko),blew out dust balls that were inside the card and reseated.Seems to have fixed it temporarily anyway.I also used rivatuner to up the fan speed when it is under load.The 7900 has had these problems due to overheating.As for the sound issue I had odd noisesfrom the onboard sound. Stuck in an old soundblaster live. Problem solved.
  2. BTW A8N32-SLI deluxe
    2 Gigs Corsair DDR-400
    Antec TP2-550
    Evga 7900 GT KO
  3. The first thing I tried was removing and re-seating the card to make sure there wasn't dust in the connection, I can try that again though.

    I know it's not from heat though because it's doing it even after being booted up after being off for hours and being cool.

    I'll try installing a cheap sound card if I can get a hold of one.
  4. If your card doesnt work right after you blow dust out of the heatsink you might need a new one.I almost sent mine back after reading some of the reviews with others having the artifacting.It has been a solid card for a year now but i am leaning toward an 8800GTS.
  5. I've had it for a year though and never had any problems with it (other then when it's overheated) until I got this new motherboard.
  6. Quote:
    I've had it for a year though and never had any problems with it (other then when it's overheated) until I got this new motherboard.

    I've got two of these motherboards, in two computers. They are very picky about ram and seem to demand a good quality soundcard. I have one running an old Audigy and one with a X-FI Pro. Both cards are much better then the board's sound. If you plan to go with VIsta, get an X-Fi series because Creative suports that in Vista, but not the Audigy series.

    Other than that, overclocking is fairly easy. Quality control from ASUS has been a problem, but they never raised a hastle about doing an RMA.
  7. BFG vid cards have the worst fans on the market....even the newer cards

    That said.....I have always used and will always use BFG cards...

    I use a 6800 GT now and am getting a 7950 GT 512mb in the near future.

    I even HAD a 5600 BFG card lol

    They all have cooling problems but are otherwise fantastic cards from a speed / price ratio...AND BFG has really nice customer support.

    Even playin Diablo II my 6800 gets....dark...after some heavy in game killing. I assume it either the GPU fan or some overvoltage thing kicking in or my generic 550w power supply ..."aint all that"

    go here also: http://www.corsairmemory.com/ and use the memory configurator (top left of page) to make SURE you are running the right memory

    If you dont have: heat, memory, PSU issues and you followed the card manufacturers BIOS setup instructions...then you may in fact have a bad card ^^
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