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Hello everybody.

I have a new computer with a quad-core Q6600 cpu.
I'm using video editing and encoding software to convert and edit DV recordings to DVD's.
My current Video Editing software is Ulead Video Studio and it doesn't utilize my multi core cpu. Video encoding should be fast as hell with an application that utilize multi core cpu's/
Is anybody here familiar with a video encoder that may utilize my cpu ?
I prefer a complete suit like Ulead but a stand-alone encoder will be fine too.
I don't care about the price or if it pro's app or not.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Look into sony vegas with the main concept encoder pluggin. Main Concept is fast and will use all the cores you have well.
  2. Check out Adobe Premiere Elements, I think there is a new version. I'm using the previous version and it's the most stable video editing software I've ever used over the years
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