What is the lightest windows OS?

I have a computer that doesn't have too much RAM (512MB): what OS should I use to optimize?

Computer is used mostly for surfing, studying and watching YouTube videos.
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  1. My XP is using 512MB, if that helps your decision.
  2. In terms of resources required, the lightest version of Windows is 1.0, but I doubt this would suit your needs. The lightest supported version is XP, but that's getting a little long in the tooth now and will soon be out of support.

    Personally, I would either

    1. Install more memory and use Windows 7. Memory is not expensive these days.


    2. Use Linux.
  3. Windows XP will easily run on 512 MB of RAM and most programs will work with it. Anything older than XP and you will have problems getting any programs to run.
  4. thanks alot guys...
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    xp embedded is very light
  6. CompTIA_Rep said:
    xp embedded is very light

    thanks... i will google that, but can you send me info concerning what that is, and where to get it?... incase I can't find it...? you can PM me with the info -- thanks.
  7. Just google it.
  8. Windows XP starter edition is extremely low profile too although you cant get one very easily.
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  10. A standard Xp would compete with an antivirus, a firewall and a browser if they had to share 500MB. It Ram size can't improve, W2k would run better than the standard Xp. Observed by myself with both OS on a 500MB machine.

    Running an application on W2k isn't tragic... Many do, but you have to check it before.
  11. i recomend Win Xp arium 3005 it use's 265 mb ram & it will take 2 GB of your hard drive compered wi xp normal it takes 512 mb ram & 16 gb hard drive try it
  12. I Recommend Windows XP Arium 3005 French it Takes 265 MB ram & 2 gb Hard drive compared with a normal Windows Xp That takes 512 MB ram i'm using it right now with my toshiba protege M400
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