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So I am building a mid-high range computer (core 2 quad, 8800gts, 2 tb raid 10, 4gb ddr 800, link to the build topic: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/244956-31-finalizing-components-homebuilt ). I intend to use the computer for gaming, workstation use (3d modeling/painting/etc.), as well as possibly to interface w/ my 1080p HDTV when the blu-ray/HD-DVD debacle gets sorted out. I am wondering which version of vista would best handle these tasks, now and in the future. Additionally, I am curious as to what issues, if any I should expect to accompany my choice. While dual boot is an option, it seems somewhat cumbersome.
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  1. if u can afford get both , if not get the vista 64 and also xp 64 , xp will be better for gaming
  2. I am unsure of all the graphic software you are using; but try to ensure that they compatible with vista if you are using any legacy software that worked with xp (they may not work with vista in general --- wether it be 32 bit or 64 bit). The other concern would be to make sure all printers, scanners, and camera work with vista. With regard to 1080p playback, there is only one card (the r600) which has been marketed as capable of playback with the ict flag on (this will be implemented in 2 years from my understanding (i only say this as you are saying you are looking to future). It should be noted that 1080p also requires hdcp hookups and such and your current monitor may not support such; which in such case when the ict flag is implemented it would revert you back to 720p resolution.
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