Catch 22 - Migrating old install of Win2K to new laptop

I'm trying to migrate an existing installation of Win2K from my old laptop (an AOpen 1557) to a new ASUS K70IJ (I've accumulated a lot of specialist applications, and I don't want the hassle of reinstalling them all from scratch). The old laptop is kaput (it fell off a shelf and broke its screen), but its HDD (320 GB IDE) is OK. The new PC has a SATA HDD (250 GB), which I've partitioned and set up the MBR, and copied across the contents of the old HDD, so in theory it's capable of running. The problem is the old install had no support for SATA, so I can't run up the new disk in the new PC (or any other) - I get the blue screen of death as soon as the loader tries to hand control over to Win2K. The catch-22 bit is that I need to load the SATA driver for the K90 onto the disk, but can't do it without one already installed. Is there any way to install a driver to the new HDD hosted by another PC (so the new HDD is just a data disk)?
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  1. You could try a Repair Installation of Windows.
  2. OK, solved. The initial problem was that I had the BIOS SATA set to "Enhanced". Changing it to "Compatible" made the HDD accessible to the standard Win2k drivers.
  3. But "Compatible" mode is experimentally far less efficient than Ahci, at least on quick 3.5" disks.

    You may try to switch in Bios and repair W2k with the Cd. It worked here, keeps all options and tunings - your computer, your risk.
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