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I have Windows Vista Home Premium. With Windows XP Pro, I used to use Nero 6 for my cd and dvd burning software. I see that Vista has it's own burning software. I've never tried it. I did try to load Nero 6 but due to compatibility issues, I seem to be having problems burning cds. When installing Nero 6, I get the warning message to upgrade to Nero 7. I really don't want to pay again for another burning software suite. My current burner is a Liteon CD-DVD ram cd drive. This drive also has lightscribe, which I want to use as well. What do you folks recommend for a decent burning software suite? I could either pay to upgrade to Nero 7 or higher, use the Vista built in software or use a free software burning program. What do the majority of you have the most success with?
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  1. Most people recommend Nero... I like Roxio personally, but YMMV. The burning capabilities built into Windows are very basic... you'd definately want a separate program. Since you already have Nero 6, it makes sense to upgrade to the latest version of Nero.
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  3. You can get Nero 7 OEM free with purchase of some DVD burners. I use Nero 7 or deep Burner works fine. Free.
  4. Thanks to all. I will look into each one.
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