ATI Drivers Catalyst v8.7 -problem!!


I am using Kubuntu 8.04 (32-bit) on a dual-boot with Windows XP x64...

I am just using a single TFT monitor setup with a X1950 Pro (512Mb) card.

I am using Wine v. 1.1.2 (the latest).

Anyway previously I could run Windows games under Wine that supported OpenGL (Far Cry, Doom, Quake, Prey, Dues Ex, etc.) but not DirectX 9.0c. I think I was on Catalyst version 8.6 previously. However I do find ATI's numbering scheme to be chaotic (like you download a totally different numbered version from the one originally asked for / on the link!!)

I have yet to get Battlefield 2/ 2142 working at all on Wine (no go past the game startup splash screens). :non:

But having updated to the latest ATI drivers I just get a whole lot of interference (like a double desktop, side-by-side seen through a interlaced hell) when trying to run 3D games in Wine. I've never been too bright about manually sorting out xorg.conf files. But I did run aticonfig to setup the file with the default settings for single head. The Catalyst Control Centre appears to work fine.

I guess I could do with a good reference native Linux game that stretches the OpenGL drivers?? (Rule out problems with Wine).

I am happy bashing about on the command line (excuse the pun). However I am not too familar about where Linux keeps all the configuration information for X. Still got a lot to learn on that front!! :hello:

Any thoughts?? I am planning to plug in some 8800 GTX cards this year!! I hear the Nvidia Linux drivers are still more polished...

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  1. Try Kubuntu 8.04 64bit it will run 30-90% faster on your phenom than the 32bit version :D

    BF2 has graphics issues on WINE, I couldn't get it to work on any of my nV cards.

    Are you using the proprietary drivers provided by Ubuntu or did you manually install the latest ATI version?

    A few native linux games like TORCS, warzone 2100, GLEST, Open Arena, etc will give your card a good OpenGL workout. Give celestia, kstars, stellarium, google earth, blender and K-3D a shot too.

    Some will work and others won't.

    glxinfo and glxgears are very useful for troubleshooting 3D problems.

    glxinfo -v 

    GL :)
  2. linux_0

    Please don't use the F word!! (Phenom) I have an (old skool) socket 940 dual Opteron rig!! May avatar is meant to be a send up of the Phenom (but I haven't got round to uploading the version that has "errata" written all over the top - THG take days to verify it isn't pron or whatever). I consider it the turning point at which AMD entered the corporate dustbin (since they rained on their only market - server machines).

    I tried the 64-bit version of Kubuntu... However Wine being 32-bit appeared to raise some issues... Like Far Cry would not run (even under OpenGL) but it would run under 32-bit version of Kubuntu.

    I use the Envy installer to get the ATI drivers.

    I usually use: glr_glxgears (I think) but that always works and doesn't seem to tell me much!!

    I will try using the verbose option on glxinfo. However I find the ATI driver numbering system is a total mess (so not sure if this info will help)!!!

    Can you get BF2 to work at all?? I mean will it run with rendering errors (i.e. just bugs in the DirectX9.0c to OpenGL translations by Wine)??

  3. On your dual 940 it may run 35-95% faster ;)

    The 64bit distro can run 32bit and 64bit code no prob.

    You can run a 32bit WINE on top of a 64bit system all day long you just need the 32bit libraries.

    BF2 actually launches but the video is badly corrupted to the point that it's unplayable, the BF2 opening menu was all garbled and I couldn't start a game to see if it worked half-way.

    Have you tried fedora on this bad girl / boy?

    $heaven = $fedora + $ubuntu;

    GL :)
  4. linux_0 said:

    Have you tried fedora on this bad girl / boy?

    $heaven = $fedora + $ubuntu;

    GL :)

    No I haven't tried Fedora recently. Mind you the last install I did of Ubuntu was pretty abortive back at version 6.xx. However recently kernel developments (2.6.24+) mean my sound card and PCI-X SATA port-multiplier card are now well supported (I have a large multi terabyte ~12x disk array in a seperate case connected via a multilane SATA cable and 4x port-multipliers). Once I took the soft raid off my external harddisks I can access them all in Kubuntu with hotplug - so all good there!! I am even considering formatting them EXT3 and using a mounting tool EXT2-FS to mount the disks in Windows.

    GNU/Linux could potentially become my main O.S. with a bit more tweaking!!

    However I don't think the gaming will ever catch up quite enough to allow me to ditch Windows XP x64 anytime soon!!

    Anyone else running an ATI card out there for a 8.7 driver comparison??

  5. I'd suggest triple booting Kbuntu 64 +++ Fedora 64 +++ XP 32 for windows games.

    Do your games run on xp 64? I've been reading horror stories about XP 64 for years.

    GL :)
  6. linux_0 said:
    I'd suggest triple booting Kbuntu 64 +++ Fedora 64 +++ XP 32 for windows games.

    Do your games run on xp 64? I've been reading horror stories about XP 64 for years.

    GL :)

    Actually the 64-bit version of Windows XP gives me very little trouble with gaming. I have yet to find a game that couldn't be got to work on Windows XP x64 (it seems to run everything from System Shock II right through to Mass Effect). Well OK Blade Runner didn't work (my only failure) but I wasn't exactly too impressed with it on 32-bit Windows - so no biggie!! All in all the OS has gained more support over the years.

    Windows XP x64 is a bit of a hassle for the odd little thing but nothing too major. Like Fuji have yet to produce a 64-bit driver for my camera (meaning I need to plug my CF card into a card reader) and Sony have not produced a driver for my 750i phone USB connection yet. No iPlayer support yet. A few other of my gadgets still don't have drivers (PIC programmer, etc., etc.)

    BTW I think the issue with needing 32-bit Linux maybe due to the ATI drivers (perhaps??) but I am not 100% certain on this... Too many variables in play here unfortunately...

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