Wireless on IBM thinkpad 600

I've a IBM thinkpad 600. Once I finally get it up and running, how do I add "ethernet" & where is the wifi access button?
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  1. That laptop is so old it does not come with wifi, just an Ethernet port for a cable. You MIGHT be able to find a USB wireless adapter with a Windows 98 driver, but it will not be easy.
  2. I didn't think so either, but being a novice techie I took the laptop into the GeekSquad to find the CMOS battery; the 'rotund' gentleman found it in 6seconds? He Just looked at me as if he were thinking, "women!"
    However he said, "Oh this? this is an antenna, in case you were going to hookup something something, for a wireless port" I was astounded. :o
    I've ordered a CMOS battery, and see if that will allow the date/error messages to clear.
    I'm really curious about the pics that may be on the hard drive, that's truly what I'm interested in.
    Is it possible to get my hands on an IBM TP 600 and just use my hard drive?
  3. The IBM 600 has a strict whitelist for wifi. You'd need to get a card it supports and install the driver for it. On windows 98 or 2000 the card's driver will install the utility you'd use for wifi. It probably won't support WPA2 which may leave you high and dry a lot of places.

    You can stick an IBM hard drive in pretty much any similiarly aged IBM or business dell machine up to 3 years newer and one year older and recover the files in safe mode.

    And you can bypass the date error by hitting esc or delete, i forget which, when it asks you to hit f1
  4. Despite this being two months old, I have had some experience with the ThinkPad 600. I have also tried Wireless with Win98 but it was very tedious as it always gave a Blue Screen whenever I booted it up with the wireless card inserted.

    Bypassing the error screens just require constant smashing of the F1 button after the IBM logo start screen.
  5. I found a TP600 with D-link, connected to the internet on a wireless router , and am not surprised when the dlink shuts off, because , it has waited too long for me. I'll try the wifi dingle rather than looking further to see if one of the plugs on the sides needs a special plug to go to ethernet. I may use it as a picture frame on steriods, with a single window for internet searches. With the phone plug on the side, I would love to use it as a voice answering machine and fax input. Having a dedicated machine to crunch on things like OCR or harder problems which need little human interaction , is very helpful. Swapping harddrives could be fun, as a complete wipe of WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL , might be useful.
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