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i have a burning software i use for my mp3-cdrw in my car, the only problem i have with it is that i keep having to delete/format the cdrw everytime i need to put new songs or delete songs on it.

i was wondering if there are any car mp3-cd-player compatible software out there that lets you just add/delete files on the fly.
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  1. I think most of CD burning software has this feature and it is called multi session. What is the burinng software do you use ?? and I use NTI CD DVD maker and it's multisession is on by default
  2. I think this is because to be played the CD has to be closed, which prevents adding files.
  3. Sorry, jib.
    I do not know any software of this kind.
    Will it be better if you keep an .ISO image file of the CD, and edit it every time you want to change the song?
    This is simpler and less time consuming.
  4. I'm not a big fan of burning software, I just need a simple one to make movies and mp3 and audio files. I use Nero 7 Ultra Edition. But honestly, don't waste money on buying burning software.
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