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I am trying to connect to the internet using Backtrack 3. My wireless adapter (WMP54G Linksys, Ralink chipset) is detected, but I cannot find any APs nearby. I used KWiFiManager, but I cannot find any wireless routers. I tried it with Ubuntu, and can successfully connect to my router.

iwconfig (sorry I cannot copy the output because I can't save anything to my USB drive on Backtrack):

lo no wireless

wlan0 RT61

eth0 no wireless
eth1 no wireless
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  1. Try getting the computer right next to the router... some software can be a little dodgy in detection.
  2. Try a
    iwlist wlan0 scan

    If'n you don't see any access points, make sure the interface is up (needed for some devices/drivers)

    ifconfig wlan0 up

    and try again. If still no love, there may be something afoul, come back with results and we'll see where to go from there. If it complains about access rights, prepend a "sudo" or open the root console.

    Also, since you're using Backtrack, I feel obligated to mention that you should make sure any and all activities you're doing with these tools (or planning to do) are deemed legal in your area. Even if it's legal, you may want to consider the reaction of anyone whose system you are "testing" if not your own. Basically, don't do something to cross the local authorities or your neighbors. [/soapbox]
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