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While Windows checks for updates I get a message telling me that Windows cannot check for updates due to error 80070002. I have pressed the Get Help button and followed the instructions but without success.

I have also tried to get updates via Lenovo Care, but receive a message telling me that it is unable to connect to the Proxy Server. I can't help thinking that the Lenovo message may be significant, but what can I do?
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  1. Google the error code, 80070002. There's quite a few results including Microsoft. Not sure about the proxy message from lenovo; maybe it's tied in with your internet connection. Can you browse normally?
  2. Hi, I used the Vista 'Help' and it gave this reply to your error message

    Windows Update error 80070002

    If you receive Windows Update error 80070002 while checking for updates, you need to remove the temporary update files that Windows uses to identify updates for your computer. To remove the temporary files, stop the Windows Update service, delete the temporary update files, restart the Windows Update service, and then try to check for Windows updates again.

    The dialogue continues with instructions on how to do the above, just copy and paste the error number into the search box and hit search. I find that with update error messages a lot of the answers to their meaning are in the Vista help section. I hope this helps your problem.
  3. Thanks for your advice. I had already tried what you suggest without success. In the end, Lenovo Support advised me to reformat the hard drive to its factory settings and start from scratch. A real, time-consuming pain, however I've done it and re-installed everything. I no longer have any problems with Windows Update.
  4. Glad you got it sorted. Strange you had to go the 'long way round' to do it, but hey, if its cured your problem then great :D
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