Which xp tools be used for a unknown boot issue

Generally in, when and in which order, should the following xp tools be used for a unknown boot issue?

Assume a reboot, booting into safe mode and updates are current, with no new apps or hardware have still not resolved a boot issue.

1. Last known good config?

2. Last Restore point? Does i386 need to be local?

3. System File Checker (SFC)? Does i386 need to be local?

4. Check Disk?
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  1. Only way you could use 1, is if it blue screen and you shut it off and then chose safe. If you were too restart and it would fail that point would not work. Normally restore point only works when system will boot normal with issues after startup. System file checker only work sometimes. Going into recovery console after booting your Windows disc and type chkdsk /r/f works probably the best. We use it a lot and almost works everytime. It is amazing.
  2. When you boot does it POST?
  3. I'm trying to figure out when troubleshooting boot issues, when to use which tools and in the correct order.

    So when SFC, when last knows config, restore point or check disk?
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