Video splitters? 3 monitors on a card with only two vga?


For a long time now I have used two monitors on my 1900XTX card. Yesterday I bought a new TV that i connect to my computer using a normal monitor cable.

The problem is I had to disconnect the 2nd monitor in order to plug in the TV. I dont wanna crawl behind the computer every time i need to change between TV and pcmonitor...

So, ive been thinking about videosplitters but know nothing about them. What can you recommend? IS any performance lost? Is a "cheap" one good enough for my use, or do i need to get a more expencive one?

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  1. If you used a splitter unless its powered it will probably cut down on the quality of your picture quite a bit and even if it is powered you might see some loss at high resolutions. You might be able to get yourself into a switcher instead and switch between monitor and TV with a touch of a button.

    What are you using to connect to your PC to your monitor/tv.

    HDMI switchers run about $100-$200.
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