Asus eee Linux

Im planing on buying either the 901 or 1 of da 1000's lot.

Bt i need 2 decide if i want XP on linux

As far as i no linux would be faster, can u conferm this?

Is the version of Linux on the eee's any good?

What programs are on Linux?
Eg i need:
Word prossesing (sumtin that works with .doc files)
itunes or sum other music player
A video player that plays divx

1 last q that i just thought of, is the eee powerful enough to play videos that are dvd size?

oh just thought of anougher, im in no rush 2 buy this, is it worth waiting for the dual core atom and hopefully a new chipset if intel bothers with 1?
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  1. Linux is much faster.

    The EEE 2G Surf boots in about 7 seconds and shuts down in about 5 seconds using the Linux distribution that comes with it.

    Ubuntu takes longer.

    XP can take 1-3 minutes to boot up sometimes longer.

    The Linux distribution that comes with the EEE includes 2.0 with support for all popular formats ( word pressing, spreadsheet, etc ).

    Firefox comes preloaded. IM is included and you get a nice media player which supports many audio and video formats.

    GL :)
  2. ^ True, but such a small screen won't do your eyes any wonders.

    DVD size movies will have to stored externally unless you acquire a reasonable size hard drive for the netbook. For divx, I am uncertain but I recommend you use Xvid, as it is more widely supported by Linux due to its less propitiatory nature.

    Linux in the EEE pc is a must if you want fast speeds.

    Linux has many music players. None can actually replace the itunes + ipod + istore combo. The new intel chipset, lowers power consumption and the dual-core increases it. The Dual-core is only marginally more powerful thanks to non-linear core scaling.

    I'd wait for the new chipset. The ability to increase battery life and have a cooler passive heatsink will greatly benefit you.
  3. K thx, il wait 4 the new chipset

    Il prob get the linux version then, is there anyway of testing the linux that cums with it before buying?
  4. You can see if there is a LiveCD version available.
  5. I've not seen the packaged distro avaiable although under the GPL it should be possible. To be honest the basic OS is so hidden behind the applicaiton launcher skin they put on it you would not learn much anyway.

    Ubuntu has a couple of nice derivaties available that are designed for the eee. You can have a play with those as live CD's although it's not what comes with the machine.
  6. The eee pc GUI is so simple anyone who can read and use a trackpad can use it...
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