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So I used to have a dual boot with WinXp and WinVista. I decided that I want to have a tri-boot with Kubuntu as well. So I read that Kubuntu's boot loader (I don't know if it is GRUB or LILO) would find my XP and Vista installs. So I made a partition and installed Kubuntu. But now when booting up, I only see Windows Vista on the list along with Kubuntu/Kubuntu Recovery (I think that is what it said)/Memtest. What happened to XP? Granted, I don't use XP a whole lot, but occasionally I come upon a program that will not run on Vista.

So, Is this fixable, or did I just screw up my XP install? I DO NOT want to have to reinstall XP or vista, but reinstalling Kubuntu wouldn't be too bad. (My hard drive is VERY slow.) Or maybe I need to reinstall/edit the bootloader, or install a different one altogether

Please help me, because I am a complete linux noob. Last time I used Linux was a Knoppix 3.0 LiveCD because I destroyed my XP install!
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  1. You don't have to reinstall the boot loader or install a different one.

    You may need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst

    How did you partition your drive?

    Open a terminal

    sudo su -

    /sbin/fdisk -l /dev/sda

    post the output here, it'll help us figure it out :)

    Are vista and xp on the same partition?
  2. I actually got it figured out. When I clicked on the Vista entry, it took me to the Vista bootloader, which had an option for XP. Thanks anyways though!
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