I want to reinstall Windows, but it was preinstalled...

My computer has been acting up quite a lot lately, and I'm getting to the point to where I'd prefer to backup what I need, format, and reinstall Windows XP. The only problem is, however, that I don't have an XP cd, seeing as how I got it installed when I gave it to our computer tech to build my computer a while back. My CD key is for an oem version, which I'm guessing is what he used. Any ideas?
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  1. Ask the computer tech that built the computer for the Windows XP CD. According to Microsoft's EULA, you should receive a CD, Product Key sticker and Windows XP booklet with a legal copy of XP.

  2. Or ask him to reinstall your windows but create another partition.
    In the first partition you can install windows and in the second one you can save all your documents and an image of your freshly installed programs so you don't have this problem again.
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