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Linux Newbee here...

I need help with Firestarter software for linux. (PcLinux08)

I have my linux box, connecting to a wireless site, a friends box next door to me... and trying to rought the Internet to my netgear Router/switch, to give my other WinXP boxes internet access...

it seems like my XP it talking to my linux , via firestarter, because, of the act. & in. & Out, are saying i have some type of packets happing... but just can figure out why the internet, is not passing through...

and haveing problems getting it to work.

please help.
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  1. Let me see if I understand the setup correctly:
    Internet<->Friend's Wifi Router<->Firestarter box<->Your Netgear<->other machines

    Is this correct?
  2. yep, i think that is it. i have pclinux08 connecting to friends wireless box.

    I can access internet , with no problems. i start firestarter, and configure it with my eth0 , everything seems ok. i jump to WinXP box, and configure that with ip address of (because i set firestarter to .100 ) per instructions on firestarter web site.

    it seem like my xp is talking to linux, because the in/out ports on firestarter are saying i'm getting bytes... but just cant get the internet to flow through... (i'm not useing firestarter as a firewall, just a port forwarding... type of thing...)

    i hope this will help.

    thanks man... i'v been waiting 1 1/2 weeks, for help...
  3. hrm, I'd say try setting up a service (say, ssh) on your linux machine and try accessing it from the Windows laptop. That would eliminate one possible issue from consideration.

    Also, just out of curiosity, are you using this setup as a kind of repeater setup (to extend range for your laptop), because I'm just trying to figure out why you wouldn't just use your friend's connection from your laptop directly as it sounds like there's two wireless hops going on here
  4. (Bmouring)

    Linux newbee here. i dont know what "ssh service" is , maybe you could explain how i could do that.

    I dont have any laptops, i have 5 desktops, and a 5 port router/switch, i would like to use the linux to share that internet with the 5 pc's on my router.

    i hope this helps.

    thanks everyone
  5. Ah, I see why you're doing this setup now.

    Just for future reference, great information is generally easily available online. For example, a quick googling of "ssh" would explain what it is (it's a secure way to log into a remote machine, kinda like a text-based Windows Remote Desktop) and googling "ssh pclinux" would pull up instructions on how to check to see if it's running on your machine and how to configure/start/stop the service. Here is a good starting place. The reason to try this step is to verify that your connection from you Windows machines to your PCLinuxOS box is fine. In order to ssh into the firestarter box from Windows, download putty Here's a quick guide on getting started using putty; just replace the URL in the example with the IP address of the interface on the Firestarter box that's connected to the switch.

    This brings up another good question: what is the port-detail hookup of your network? You should be using your Netgear as a switch only! Using it as a router (i.e. enabling DHCP, hooking something to the WAN port, etc) can unnecessarily complicate your network, leading to breaks. Change the Netgear to behave like a simple switch if it's not already setup thusly.

    That notwithstanding, what configuration steps have you taken with Firestarter? Just trying to get a better understanding of your current setup.
  6. (bmouring)
    thanks, ill look that up... thanks for the info...

    The netgear issue... My netgear does not have a "so-called BIOS, or Setup screen, "no ip address... like , its just a basic 5 port Switch (model fs605) i wish it did... then i could configure it and such...
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