Which router for Westell 6100???

I am in the market for a nice wireless router for my Dell notebook. I have Verizon DSL with a Westell 6100 modem. I have read numerous horror stories about the problems that surface when trying to use a router with this modem. Can anyone recommend a router that could be used in conjunction with this modem without causing a headache? I appreciate any advice! :D

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  2. Thanks for the help. Don't quit your day job. :roll:
  3. The best way to go about setup in your situation is to get your DSL username and password for the PPPoE connection and reconfigure the Westell 6100 for bridged mode. Then you can use any cable/dsl router with wireless to terminate the PPPoE connection and configure the wireless router with your DSL username and password.

    The horror stories are generally caused by people leaving their DSL gateway setup as a router and then in turn having two NAT devices and this causes issues between the two routers.
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