External Maxtor detected on my Vista, but not Vista Vaio laptop

I got a problem, I have a Maxtor external USB hard drive that my installation of Vista on my P5B Deluxe/C2d system is detected and works fine. However, on my wife's Sony Vaio CR series (the pretty pink one!), it refuses to recognize it and makes it an unknown device.

By using a different USB port, and powering it on after connecting, I was able to get it to detect, but then I got a Device 10 (device could not start) message. I've tried manually installing the drivers to no avail from the Windows and System32 directories...This has me stumped. No idea why it would work on my Vista, but not my wife's brand new laptop...
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  1. I'm having the same issue with a couple of my USB devices. I have two Vista systems, one detects them, the other gives me an error?

    A Cannon MP780 multi-function printer, a Patriot 2GB thumbdrive, and an iRock multi-card reader/USB hub. All of them previously worked, but just stopped, except the iRock, which works in USB1.1 mode. The computer knows it is USB2.0 and tells me to move it even though it's already plugged into a 2.0 port.
  2. Starting to wonder if it's a power issue - do these laptop USBs really put out 500 mva?
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