Microsoft Windows XP SP2 & Microsoft Office 2000

Has anyone experienced any issued with running these two together? Here's why I ask:

I've been getting increased calls at work about user's Clipboards malfunctioning. More and more users are no longer able to copy paste text/files into Word documents, or emails, or Excel spreadsheets.

Windows XP patches have been applied on a regular basis. Office 2000 installations are at best SP1, with no patches. Due to a botched network release area, and the inability to find the original CDs, we are unable to patch Office 2000 at all.

I did try an install of Office 2000 that I do have (I have CDs for Small Business, not for Standard) and patched it with Service Packs but the problem has persisted.

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  1. We use Office 2000 SM business on dozens of computers with XP home and XP Pro. My personal use includes use with VISTA 32 and recently I installed Office 2000 SM on my VISTA Ultimate 64 machine. Every unit works flawlessly for the most part. There is a core update, SP2, SP3 and many other security updates available online at MS.
  2. The problem with the install we have is it won't let us apply patches. I keep getting a pop up "This was a network install. Patch the release area & reinstall.". Which then leads me to the faulty prep area & when I try to patch it I get "You need to redo your release area."
  3. Never saw those errors. I have the original CDs. On ocasion I have had an error trying to install security updates, etc. I don't know why, but if I have an error, I just come back to it later and manage to get everything installed with no problems. I'm using Office 2000 SB with VISTA 64 now. Everything installed fine.

    I made copies of the original CDs and keep them at our offices for updating purposes. Any time install asks for the CDs, the copys I made work for that purpose only. I can not install original software from the copies I made. If you have the CDs you might try loading the CD including all installation files onto the hard drive in their entirety and install from those files on the hard drive. Might help with the update problem too.
  4. Sadly, the CDs were lost prior to me joining the department. I'm tempted to install the SB Version I have on this latest persons machine & try an to see what happens.

    I have read on other websites about people having issues with Word 2000,etc on Windows XP.

    What I'm thinking has happened is some kind of update/install screwed up a binary somewhere given how tightly integrated into Windows Office is.
  5. Do any of the machines have a copy of the CD on the HD? Probably not. If you copy the CD to the HD when up-dating the installation doesn't keep asking for the CD. Find someone with a CD and copy it to a HD.
  6. I've looked. Everyone is telling me "i dunno where it is.". Consequently, the CD Key that is with it is also lost. We're at the point where we need the media & the key.

    I wish we could at least jump forward to Office 2k3.
  7. Office 2000 can be installed and updated on as many machines as I have. The EUA is different than Office 2003 I think. I have always wonderd if I could get the updates for multiople installations with later versions of MS office? Maybe Ebay has a seller of office 2000 complete with key?
  8. Like you...our businesses depend on Office 2000. I'm going to copy the CD to hard drive.
  9. Find someone who has a copy and have them copy it to a USB drive and send it to you! 8)
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