Safely Remove Hardware disconnects me from the Web

Several days ago I found that every time I clicked on the "Safely Remove Hardware" button my Internet connection was terminated. This was even before I clicked on the device to be removed. I then have to reboot before I can reconnect as "there is no dialling tone". I presume that this is a software glitch, but I can find nothing relating to it on Microsoft's site and they want a large sum of money to engage in discussion with me.

What may be the problem?

What can I do about it?
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  1. hey make sure your modem device is not connected to the USB or may be your Network card.... my laptops' network card is connected to the USB so everytime i safely removes something i have to be very carefull may be your one is like that too not sure hope it helps
  2. hehe - just cause theres a "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in ya taskbar - no need to do it lol....

    (unless needed)
  3. hehe then for what purpose there is " safely remove hardware " In xp u don't need to click that remove but in vista when you unplug it like that and plug it in, there comes a windows like you want to scan errors or not and it had not been remover properly last time which scare me .
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