What language should I learn first?

Hey all,

I want to learn some programming langauge so that I can make money from home.

Any suggestions? :bounce:

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  1. **Pascal**

    it's the simplest one, you can create small programs and useful algorithms. You'll learn definitions, techniques and the "programmer's way of think". Then you should try **delphi**(object pascal), 'cause in pascal you'll only create ms-dos programs, in delphi you'll create win-32 programs. Lots and lots of people say that delphi isn't a good programming language, that you should go to another languages like c++ and java. Well, it's good to go to another languages but delphi is a good one. Remember: the programming language is as good as the programmer works with it.


    --- 81duz1d0
  2. Thank you for your input. Could you give me a link to these places where I can get more info about programming languages? And all the diferences and stuff like that?

    Thanks again!
  3. I sent you a private message 81duz1d0
  4. Do you know how to read private messages? Need any help? :)
  5. I believe that visual basic is the beginning to what you'll need to know. Wiff that you can create your own media player other windows app and it is very easy to understand, second vb also will teach you the easy steps of c+,C++ that is where you will want to start.
    I took computer science years ago and, basic,vbasic,dbase was the programing languages we started with at that time. These are the essential languages to learn.
  6. Could you give me a link to somewhere that gives me more info about these langauges?


    And could you tell me how I could make money with some langauges from home?

    Thanks again!
  7. http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vbasic/ms789094.aspx
    as described whiff this you can build web applications for instance namespace, facebook
    windows applications like widgets, media applications like nero its what you learn and how much you put into it is what you gain, you need a good plan to make money. A game for example has many tech's working graphic artist, sound artist, and a couple of programmers the programmers take that information and develop a engine usually using c and vb. VB will teach you how to create a install package and all the above. Your are starting with the right questions so hit the books go to school home if needed and away you go.
    Example of a good game egine is the ut, developed by c++ and vb
  8. Thanks for your input gomerpile! :) But im not sure I want to program for a career. I just want something I can do on my free time(To at least pay the $50 month internet bill :fou:) I am still attending High School so I want to make some extra $$ from home :) Anything! Either it be something with the internet or whatever. Oh yeah and it would be nice if I could average at least $110 a month ;)

    Thank you so much! ;)
  9. Ok then if you can pick up netobject and build a website its easy using net object or learn html, think of a way to develop a site that can make money from ad's or services
  10. Do you have to pay to make your own website that anyone in your country can access? I had an Idea of creating something called youpoll.com where people can voice there opinions and vote n stuff like that. So do you just come up with an idea like the girl who made the website for people to download myspace stuff for free? I think she made her $$$$$$'s on ad's. And then create it?
  11. not necessarily, you can have an HTTP site such like http//yoursite or your IP viewable by the world using a server ip of You will need to setup a server. I found that SHTTP works good for this. You won't get help from sponsor but you can advertise the site and in a way create a opening to get a paid domain by a company that may think you have something
    Ok i gave a link you will have to ask your ISP provider if you are allowed to do this some ISP give you the choice to in certian packages.
  12. Ok thanks! Now what langauge would help me the most in this? HTML?

    (hope im not getting irattating)
  13. yes that is a great place to start older language but its ok to start. learn HTML and xhtml
  14. Ok thanks! What about CSS ,Javascript, and XML and all the others? where would I go from HTML and XHTML? :D

    Thanks for bearing with me! :bounce:
  15. That follows after learning html-xhtml they are the building block of web pages, learning css, xml is putten the cart ahead of the horse however if you are a quick learning you should not have a hard time learning html and css at the same time, really all you need is the basic of html xhtml, java is a whole different bible.
  16. Allrighty!

    Do think this is a good plan? first HTML then XHTML and then CSS? Maybe Javascript after those?

    I know it depends on how quick of a learner you are but what would an average time be for learning all HTML,XHTML, and CSS?

    Thanks for the links! :D
  17. for me it took a week to learn the html basic and used reference to remind me of the things i forgot, xhtml was a week 8 hours a day, x means extended, css still learning. I'm older dude that has had a head injury on a bike so I lost some of the memory. However these are easy compared to vb declarations.
    I learned in school the syntax of dos, basic and even today lot of the syntax is similar, and found that education helped me understand the meaning of syntax

    To build a professional webpage using the 3 mentioned languages for me css is out of the picture until I can grasp all of it, I can write a basic webpage wiff nifty stuff, still having problems writing a search engine, linking a database with the search, autofeed information into a dialog boxes and a few others.
    Been working at it for a year and able to develop a nice looking website with html xhtml and have made sites for a few companies like IN&OUT property maintenance, sunshine surprise, and a few others so yes you can make money. month of studying html/xhtml. If you are smart you would learn very quickly but keep in mind I have some education that did help me with this.
  18. Quote:
    I'm older dude

    Not that im trying to stick my nose where it doesn't belong but... how old is your definition of an older dude?

    Im between 15 and 18 :)
  19. Oh yeah could you give me a link to some of the sites that you have created? ;)
    Im just curious to see what you can create with HTML and XHTML. :D
  20. I hate to disillusion you kid, but no one in their right mind is going to pay a highschool student to program anything. your best bet is to learn how to use office applications and maybe SQL and get yourself a minumum wage desk job. Aside from that, if you're really passionate, you should learn x86 Assembly, because only then can you trully appreciate the finer things. C or C++ is recognized more by the industry, but, again, if you are doing this as a hobby and expect to get paid for it, you are sadly misinformed. But here, perhaps this will inspire you:
    Or you can cut all that B.S. and get this:
  21. Quote:
    hate to disillusion you kid, but no one in their right mind is going to pay a highschool student to program anything

    I kinda already figured that. Was going to use the knowledge for my own use and maybe make me a website or 2.
    I mainly wanted the knowledge but if I could make a few bucks along the way that would have been fine....
  22. You can make money on the side making websites, lets put it this way if you neighbour or somebody you know has a company that he's trying get more work a good way is with a web site and seeming you know how to make one, now you could make it for him. I'm not saying you'll get rich but you can make something. I have and now a year later making a few bucks at it, I have been asked to make a few more and the more I make the more the word gets out. Its how much energy you put into something that will make you money.
  23. thats what I thought I would do. Is there an aprox per web site in $ what would a beginer make a website?

    And I thought maybe that I might come up with a creative website and possibly make some money from advertisers.
  24. Then, a word of advice:
    Seeking knowledge for it's own sake is vanity.
    Advertising is whoring.
  25. physx7 said:
    thats what I thought I would do. Is there an aprox per web site in $ what would a beginer make a website?

    And I thought maybe that I might come up with a creative website and possibly make some money from advertisers.

    You make yourself a local trading post, a place where people can exchange anything and you in no time will make make money. Online good will., it's your energy that will make you money. For your own site at first you'll have to pay for an advertiser to handle your subscriptions but it won't be long before you make money if your site rakes the hits. Sara's site is an excellent example of that. Never think you cant, second you are learning something that is in strong demand web administrator so your time and energy has been used in a positive way.
  26. Quote:
    For your own site at first you'll have to pay for an advertiser to handle your subscriptions but it won't be long before you make money if your site rakes the hits

    What do you mean? I thought advertisers payed me?
  27. Quote:
    Advertising is whoring

    Whats whoring?
  28. If you want a trusted advertiser to display auto feeds on your site you have to pay a subscription fee it is the way it is, however you are paid according to the amount of hit you receive. You can go with a less trusted advertiser that has no cost, that puts you on the bottom of a search. Lets say you are the trading post and someone does a search for that well if you pay for a good advertiser you will be on the 1'st page, they try to advertise the site as well as promotions of goods. You can get a sponsor that will pay for this stuff but the site has to be very interesting and that sponsor will cover the cost but you need a good site that getten hits
    Keep in mind if your site hit front page news they will come to you no cost and you'll be rich
  29. Ok I think I get it now! :)

    Thanks for all your help!
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