New soundcard for Linux and 64bit Vista

At the begininng of the new year I'll be purchasing the components for a new Gaming/Music PC. My only issue is the sound card.

I'll be purchasing the Logitech logitech G51 5.1 speakers and need a sound card to drive them. I have an extensive MP3 collection that I listen to quite often and I plan to play games, as well.

I'll be installing 64-Bit Vista and Linux, dual-boot. I need a soundcard that will provide me good sound in both Vista64 and Linux. (I'm not sure which version of Linux I'm going to go with yet...)

I know that Creative has almost non-existent support for their card in Linux... What are my alternatives?

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  1. older Creative cards work fine, the X-Fi has beta drivers and other drivers are under development

    what kind of motherboard are you planning to use?

    GL :)
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